CLAX® Super ImpedeTM/MC 4AL1 Laundry destainer is specifically formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on-premise laundries. The product should be used for white and colorfast colored fabrics. Light yellow in color with a chlorine scent. Easy to dose Enables bleaching at lower temperatures; saves energy Excellent destainer for all types of white fabric Provides good hygiene Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to user instructions ... more ... CLAX® Super LaunchTM/MC 6GL3 Liquid general purpose laundry sour is highly concentrated for low-using cost and maximum yield per container. Helps control iron stains. Colorless with an acidic scent. Economical to use Neutralizes residual alkalinity Non-phosphated for use in all areas Super concentrated for economy in use ...more.. CLAX® Triax® III 4EL1 Concentrated laundry destainer is specially-formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on-premise laundries. The product can be used for all types of fabric (except nylon) and is best applied at temperatures between 150°–170° F (65–76° C). Can be used to neutralize chlorine residue during rinsing. Colorless with no fragrance added. Easy to dose Excellent destainer for all types of fabric, including colored fabrics Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to user instructions   ... more ...  
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Good Sense® Instant Air Fresheners Fast-acting, instant air fresheners that leave a pleasant scent. Aerosols are CFC-free. Available in three attractive scents: Tuscan GardenTM/MC, Potpourri and No SmokeTM/MC. SKUs 5035288 and 5035317 are colorless with a floral scent. SKU 5035325 is colorless with a spice scent.   Soft Care® Liquid Instant Hand Sanitizer Alcohol formula for use primarily by healthcare personnel. Just apply to clean hands and let dry. Thoroughly sanitizes without drying skin. Proven to be mild even after repeated use. Colorless with no scent.  
Fabric softener is a concentrated, fabric softening liquid especially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries. The product is suitable for application on most types of fabric. Opaque blue in color with a floral scent.     Delivers a pleasant residual fragrance     Good softening of many types of fabric (towels, sheets, wool, delicate articles etc)     Prevents build-up of static electricity on synthetic fabrics     Valid IITM/MC fabric softener is a concentrated fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationics and quaternary ammonium salts
CLAX® Valid® II 5EL1
Good Sense® Liquid Odor Counteractant Concentrate
Available in different fragrances to meet different needs Concentrated formulations work for just pennies per diluted gallon (378 L) Effective for reducing malodors on carpets, hard surfaces, and as a room spray Effective on odors from mold, vomit, urine, mildew, and tobacco smoke Formulated using ActScent™ to fight the toughest odors Neutralizes to counteract tough odors
Stride® Citrus Neutral Cleaner
A neutral cleaner concentrate formulated for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. This product does not dull floor finishes, and does not require rinsing to deliver labor savings. Orange in color with a citrus scent. Cleans nearly all washable surfaces Concentrated formulations deliver excellent Cleaner performance for just pennies per diluted gallon Does not need rinsing Low-foaming formula allows for less emptying of recovery tanks Non-alkaline formulation dries film-free
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Fast-acting, instant odor counteractants that help neutralize odors from tobacco, food, mold, mildew, urine and vomit. Effective for use on carpets, hard surfaces and in the air. SKUs 04345 and 04969 are pale yellow in color with a green apple scent. SKU 05388 is pale yellow in color with a spice scent. SKUs 05394 and 3165353 are yellow in color with a fresh scent.
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